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What is a Refrigerated Trailer & How Does It Work?

Refrigerated trailers, more commonly known as reefers, are just as the name suggests: insulated trailers with a refrigeration unit in the front.

Certain items, such as produce, meats, and medicine are all temperature-sensitive and need to be stored at a regulated temperature. When travelling long distances, you’ll encounter areas where the climate will differ.

This constant temperature change can cause the goods to deteriorate or get damaged. Luckily, with the help of insulated walls and self-powered refrigeration units, reefers can transport foods and other temperature-sensitive goods without fear of having the products spoiled.

Whether you’re interested in refrigerated trailers for commercial or domestic use, there are various benefits to renting these trailers.


How Do Refrigerated Trailers Work?inside of a refrigerated trailer

One of the most important elements to keep in mind is that reefers are designed to maintain the temperature of the goods inside them, not cool. The main purpose of these trailers is to remove any increased heat, keep the temperature of products stable, and control humidity by condensing any moisture in the air.

The refrigeration unit is made up of three components: the evaporator coil, the compressor, and a small diesel engine. As air from inside passes over the evaporator coil, it removes the heat and redistributes the now cooler air back.


What Are the Main Uses of Refrigerated Trailers?

Any product that can be damaged due to high or low temperatures can be transported using a reefer. While perishable foods are the most common goods shipped in refrigerated trailers, there are a handful of other products that need a temperature-regulated transport vehicle.

Many products that you won’t find in your refrigerator but require temperature control include:

  • Paint
  • Hazardous materialsrefrigerated truck transporting fresh fruit to a grocery store
  • Bulk liquids
  • Candles
  • Flowers
  • Chewing gum

Though reefers are typically used to maintain cooler temperatures, they are also used to heat air to protect goods from freezing in the winter.

Catering businesses, farmers’ markets, and butcher shops are among many vendors who rely on refrigerated trailers to keep their operations flowing smoothly.


Benefits of Renting a Refrigerated Trailer

Arriving with a truckload of thawed, spoiled, or melted goods can result in lost opportunities, wasted costs, and a massive mess to clean up. The uses of refrigerated trailers are plenty, but they all come down to one thing: keeping things cool.

These portable trailers allow you to adjust the temperature depending on the goods you’re transporting, usually within the range of – 65 to 40 degrees celsius. Because of this, a reefer can be used for many purposes, which is perfect if you sell a wide range of products.

If you’re needing to transport perishables, these trailers can preserve the quality of your food until your final destination is reached.

Whether you need to transport a large or small volume of goods, refrigerated trailers come in handy. There are a variety of sizes and configurations to choose from, offering great user flexibility.


Refrigerated and Freezer Trailer Rentals in Ottawa

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