6’ x 10’ Refrigerated
Trailer Rental

Our smallest refrigerated trailer rental sizes in at 6 feet by 10 feet. This is the perfect size for any personal or family events. These refrigerated trailers come with an attachment for your vehicle and have multiple access doors.

  • Suitable for events of approximately 100 people
  • 110v 20 amp type

6’ x 12’ Refrigerated
Trailer Rental

Just slightly bigger than our smallest refrigerated trailer rental, this is still great for small-sized events if you want a little extra wiggle room. These refrigerated trailers come with an attachment for your vehicle and multiple access doors.

  • Suitable for events of approximately 130 people
  • 110v 20 amp type

6’ x 14’ Refrigerated
Trailer Rental

Unsure which size to go with for your medium-sized event? You can’t go wrong with our 6’ x 14’ refrigerated trailer rental. If you’re still unsure what size is best for you, Give Curt’s Coolers a call. We’ll be able to gather specific details about your situation and suggest a size that fits your needs.

  • Suitable for events of approximately 160 people
  • 110v 20amp type trailer rental

7’ x 20’ Refrigerated
Trailer Rental

With an extra foot in width compared to our smaller refrigerated trailer rentals and 20 feet total in length, this is a great trailer for medium to large events. Fit food and beverages for hundreds of people for a larger scale wedding or corporate event.

  • Suitable for events of approximately 250 people
  • 220v 20 amp

8’5” x 20’ Refrigerated
Trailer Rental

With dimensions of 8.5 feet by 20 feet, this is our largest available refrigerated trailer rental before our reefer rental options. If you’re in need of a large refrigeration space with a vehicle attachment and aren’t looking to get a full reefer rental truck, this could be the size for you. This is great for large-scale weddings, large corporate events, or large catering events.

  • Suitable for events of approximately 300 people
  • 220v 20amp

Full Line of Refrigerated & Freezer
Trailer Rentals

Electrical trailers in a variety of sizes & configurations

Reefer Rentals in Ontario

Reefer rentals in a variety of sizes and configurations

8’ x 31’ Reefer Rental

The 8′ x 31′ Reefer Rental is a compact and versatile refrigerated trailer, ideal for events of various sizes. This size is perfect for larger but still exclusive gatherings, such as weddings, birthday parties, or corporate luncheons. The refrigerated unit offers ample storage space to keep food and beverages fresh throughout the event. With its capacity, it can comfortably feed approximately 250-350 people, depending on the type and quantity of food being stored. Whether you need to store perishable items or keep beverages chilled, this reefer rental is a reliable option for events that require temperature-controlled storage.

8’5” x 48’ Reefer Rental

The 8’5″ x 48′ Reefer Rental provides a larger refrigerated space, suitable for medium-sized events and gatherings. With its extended length, this reefer rental can accommodate a significant amount of food and beverage storage. It is an excellent choice for catering events, outdoor festivals, or sports tournaments. The spacious interior allows for efficient organization and easy access to stored items. Depending on the serving sizes and menu choices, it has the capacity to feed approximately 350-400 people. This reefer rental offers a reliable cooling solution for events that require temperature-controlled storage on a larger scale.

8’5” x 53’ Reefer Rental

The 8’5″ x 53′ Reefer Rental is the largest refrigerated trailer option available, providing extensive storage capacity for large-scale events and functions. This reefer rental is perfect for major events such as conventions, music festivals, or food fairs. It offers an abundance of space to accommodate a wide range of food items, beverages, and supplies. With its size, it can feed approximately 400-500 people, depending on the menu and portion sizes. The 8’5″ x 53′ Reefer Rental ensures that your perishable items remain fresh and properly chilled, allowing you to cater to a large crowd without compromising on quality.

Refrigerated & Freezer
Trailer Rental Applications

Whether you're planning an outdoor event, are renovating a restaurant, or you just need some additional temporary cooler storage, Curt's Coolers has you covered.

With a wide variety of refrigerated trailer and freezer options to choose from, it's easy to find a cooling solution that will fit your specific needs. Curt's Coolers is the #1 choice in Ontario for both your short-term and long-term cooler trailer rental needs. Some common applications for renting a refrigerated/freezer trailer include:

- Events & Festivals
- Farmers Markets
- Butcher Shops
- Catering & Restaurants
- Company Functions
- Kitchen Renovations

- Refrigeration Emergencies
- And More!

If you're looking for a trailer that will meet your refrigerated and frozen storage needs, you've come to the right place. Our freezer and refrigeration trailers utilize high-quality materials and energy efficient technology to provide only the best refrigerated solutions to our clients. We can deliver the trailer to your location with customized size and temperature specifications to make your life easy. Renting a refrigerated trailer from Curt's Coolers is simple, quick, and affordable.

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Frequently Asked Questions:
Trailer/Freezer Rental FAQs

Both refrigerated and freezer trailers are mobile insulated storage rooms that provide extra storage space that can be kept at a cool or freezing temperature. They are commonly used for temperature sensitive products like foods, drinks, or pharmaceutical products.
The cold storage trailers at Curt’s Coolers use electric power to cool the interior of the trailer storage space. Most of our mobile refrigeration trailers plug into a 110v, 20amp dedicated circuit, while the larger trailer sizes require 220v, 20amp connections. When connected to a power source, you can set a desired temperature and secure your trailer with a coupler lock and wheel chocks to keep your products cold and safe.
Yes. Because of insurance regulations, we actually pick up and delivery all of our trailers. Our delivery technicians are experienced with towing trailers and can also help set your trailer up before they leave. Having your trailer delivered also saves you the time and hassle of driving out, securing a tow vehicle, and having to drive it back as well.
Curt’s Coolers has been providing refrigerated/freezer trailer rentals all across Southwestern Ontario for 10+ years. We proudly serve London, Waterloo, Kitchener, Waterloo, Stratford, and the nearby surrounding areas. If you need a refrigerated trailer rental outside of these areas, don’t worry, we will gladly accommodate your needs!

Yes. We provide shelving in all our refrigeration and freezer trailers. However, if you want to organize the storage space in a way in which you don’t need the shelves, we can easily remove them upon request.

A reefer trailer, otherwise referred to as a refrigerated truckload trailer, is an insulated and temperature-controlled truckload trailer. They are designed to maintain a specific temperature to keep your cargo fresh on arrival.
Reefer trailers are typically used for perishable and temperature-sensitive cargo. This includes things like fresh produce, plants, pharmaceuticals, seafood, personal care products, and more. A reefer trailer is equipped to protect different types of perishable cargo against spoilage and damage.

The temperature range of a reefer trailer, or refrigerated trailer, can vary depending on the specific model and manufacturer. However, most reefer trailers are designed to maintain temperatures within a range of approximately -20°C (-4°F) to 20°C (68°F).

These temperature ranges cover a wide range of cargo requirements, allowing the transportation of various perishable goods, such as frozen foods, fresh produce, pharmaceuticals, and other temperature-sensitive products.

The fuel consumption of a reefer (refrigerated trailer) is typically measured in gallons per hour (GPH), as it is a common unit of measurement in the industry. The average fuel consumption of a reefer unit, which is approximately 0.5 to 1.5 gallons per hour, would be equivalent to approximately 1.9 to 5.7 liters per hour.

Please note that these figures are approximate, and actual fuel consumption can vary based on various factors.

Yes, typically, reefer trailers offer the flexibility to customize the temperature settings to suit the specific requirements of your cargo. Reefer trailers are equipped with temperature control systems that allow you to set and adjust the desired temperature within the designated temperature range.

Depending on the model and features of the reefer trailer, temperature control can be managed through digital control panels, interfaces, or other control mechanisms. These systems enable you to select the precise temperature needed to maintain the integrity and freshness of your cargo.

When booking the reefer trailer, it is important to communicate your specific temperature requirements. This ensures that the rental unit provided meets your cargo’s temperature needs and that you have the necessary control and adjustment capabilities during the rental period.

A reefer trailer is a specialized trailer that works similar to a common fridge. This is how it works:

A compressor, which functions like a miniature engine, is within the reefer trailer. By compressing a specific gas known as refrigerant, it creates a chilly liquid. Heat is produced as a result of this process.

Next, the condenser receives the chilled liquid refrigerant. Using the surrounding air as a heat exchanger, the condenser lowers the temperature of the liquid refrigerant. This is comparable to how the radiator on a car cools the engine.

After cooling, the liquid refrigerant is put under greater pressure before passing through a tiny valve and into the evaporator.

The liquid refrigerant rapidly expands and turns back into a gas inside the evaporator. By absorbing heat from the interior air of the truck during the expansion process, a cooling effect is produced. It functions similarly to how water evaporates to cool your skin.

The items kept inside the reefer trailer are then exposed to the cool air created by the evaporator, preserving the proper temperature. The trailer’s coolness is more evenly distributed thanks to the air circulation.

After absorbing heat, the refrigerant gas returns to the compressor to restart the cycle. The temperature inside the trailer is kept constant by this ongoing cycle of heat absorption, expansion, cooling, and compression.

All of this is powered by the trucks diesel engine.

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