Make sure your food and perishable products are kept preserved during electrical outages. Curt's Coolers offers affordable refrigerated trailer rentals for emergencies and power outages.

Delivery & Pick Up

As a full service company, we can drop
off and pick up your refrigerated trailer rental
whenever disaster strikes so you don't have to stress about logistics on a day that is already chaotic.


Cubed Ice (1" x 1" Cubes)

3 kg (6.6 lbs) bags

12 kg (26.45 lbs) bags

Ice Sphere (1.8" Balls)

4.5 kg (10 lbs) bags

Options & Add-Ons

We want to accommodate all of our clients as much as possible. Feel free to contact us for special requests like shelving, extra ice, and even generators at a very reasonable price!

Reliable Emergency Refrigeration

Refrigerated Truck Rentals
For Power Outages

When power outages threaten your business’s perishable goods, Curt’s Coolers is here to be your trusted lifeline. Our emergency refrigeration solutions ensure that your products stay cool and most importantly, preserved. With our reliable services, you can face summer and winter storms or any unforeseen power disruptions with confidence, knowing your valuable inventory is safe and secure.

We offer a diverse fleet of refrigerated trailers, freezer and reefer rentals to help businesses of all sizes and industries. From restaurants and supermarkets to pharmaceutical companies &  floral shops, Curt’s Coolers has the perfect emergency refrigeration solutions for your specific needs. We can even include generators!

Protect your perishable goods and protect your business’s bottom line. Reach out to us today, and let us ensure your products stay cool, even when the power goes out.

Freezer Rentals For Emergencies & Power Outages

Refrigeration, Freezer & Reefer Rentals

Curt’s Coolers also offers freezer trailers and reefer trailers from ranging in length from 10′ to 53′. We can help preserve your frozen goods during emergencies and power outages.

Whether you own a restaurant, supermarket, or any business relying on frozen products, our freezer rentals provide a dedicated cold storage solution to meet your specific needs. From frozen foods to ice cream treats, trust our freezer rentals to keep your frozen items from thawing and melting.

With precise temperature control, built-in refrigeration and/or backup power generators availible, our freezer rentals are a comprehensive solution to ensure uninterrupted refrigeration, protecting your valuable inventory from spoilage and financial losses.


Refrigerated Trailer

A crew working to restore power after a power outage.

Benefits of Refrigerated Trailer Rentals For Power Failures & Emergencies

Rapid Response: Our refrigerated trailers provide a quick solution for unexpected breakdowns of permanent refrigeration units, preventing stock loss and business interruption.

No Power, No Problem: In events where the power grid goes down we still have you covered. Instead of plugging in the refrigerated trailer, we can offer generators or reefer truck which run off of gas and diesel.

Versatile Use Cases: Our refrigerated trailers are useful across various sectors, including healthcare for storing temperature-sensitive medicines, or in retail for preserving perishable goods.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Emergency Refrigeration FAQs

Our emergency refrigeration services are designed for rapid response. We strive to provide delivery within a few hours of receiving a request, depending on your location and our current availability.

We offer a variety of refrigeration units for emergencies, including refrigerated trailers of various sizes as well as reefer truck rentals to cater to your different needs and space requirements.

Our fleet includes both refrigeration and freezer units. The refrigeration units are ideal for keeping products cold, while our freezer units can maintain temperatures low enough to freeze products.

We offer flexible rental periods to meet your emergency needs, ranging from a few days to several months. Extended rental arrangements can be made depending on your requirements and unit availability.

Pricing is based on the type and size of the unit, rental duration, and delivery distance. We offer competitive rates and can provide a detailed quote based on your specific requirements.Please contact us for a Quote. 

To request our emergency refrigeration services, you can call us or fill out a request form on our website. Our team will then contact you promptly to discuss your needs and arrange for the delivery and setup of the unit.

Our refrigeration units are versatile and can store a wide range of products, including food, pharmaceuticals, and flowers. However, we do not allow the storage of hazardous materials or illegal substances. For specific product queries, please consult with our team.

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