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Make sure your food trucks products are kept preserved and fresh wherever you are parked. Curt's Coolers offers affordable refrigerated trailer rentals for expanding food truck cold storage capacity in both the short and long term.

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Delivery & Pick Up

As a full service company, we can drop
off and pick up your refrigerated trailer rental
whenever your food truck is located. If you have a special event that needs temporary extra storage capacity just let us know where it is and we will come to you.

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Cubed Ice (1" x 1" Cubes)

3 kg (6.6 lbs) bags

12 kg (26.45 lbs) bags

Ice Sphere (1.8" Balls)

4.5 kg (10 lbs) bags

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Options & Add-Ons

We want to accommodate all of our clients as much as possible. Feel free to contact us for special requests like shelving, extra ice, and even generators at a very reasonable price!

Reliable Refrigeration Solutions for Food Trucks

Refrigerated Trailer Rentals
For Food Trucks

Discover the perfect solution for managing perishable ingredients in your food truck with Curt’s Coolers refrigerated trailer rentals. Food truck owners can gain convenient access to temporary or long-term cold storage. Ensure that your ingredients remain fresh and ready for service at all times with our refrigerated trailer rentals for food trucks.

Our range of refrigerated trailers offers food trucks the flexibility they need. Whether it’s a short-term need for special events or a long-term solution for expanding your food truck’s cold storage capacity, Curt’s Coolers provides adaptable refrigeration options to suit your specific requirements.

With our refrigerated trailer rental service, food trucks can efficiently store their perishable goods without worrying about spoilage. Imagine having the freedom to stock up on fresh ingredients and store surplus inventory without worrying about them going bad.

Enhance your food truck operations by harnessing the power of reliable portable refrigeration. We offer a practical and efficient ways to manage your perishables, allowing you to focus on delivering exceptional food truck fare to your hungry customers.


Freezer Rentals For Food Trucks

Refrigeration, Freezer & Reefer Rentals

Elevate your food truck’s storage capacity with Curt’s Coolers freezer trailers. Ranging from 10′ to 53′ in length, our freezer trailers present an ideal solution for food trucks seeking temporary or extended frozen storage options.

Beyond emergency contingencies, our freezer trailers are a useful addition for food truck businesses reliant on keeping their good frozen. Whether you’re a mobile food truck looking to store perishable products for longer or a dessert truck offering delicious frozen treats, our freezer rentals offer dedicated cold storage perfectly suited to maintain the quality of your products.

Imagine the advantage of storing your ingredients for longer periods! With our precise temperature controls and optional backup power generators, our freezer trailers not only prevent thawing but also extend the shelf life of your food items. This means you can stock up on seasonal ingredients or bulk purchases without worrying about spoilage, enabling you to diversify your menu and increase operational efficiency.


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Benefits of Refrigerated Trailer Rentals For Food Trucks

Increased Storage Capacity: a portable refrigeration unit allows food trucks to augment their limited on-board storage, allowing for a larger and more varied menu, catering to a diverse customer base.

Event Catering Opportunities: For food trucks that cater to events like weddings or corporate gatherings, a refrigerated trailer allows for pre-preparation and safe transportation of large quantities of food.

Cost-Effectiveness: Renting a refrigerated trailer can be more cost-effective than purchasing one outright, especially for food truck businesses that only need extra cold storage occasionally.

Refrigerated Trailer

Frequently Asked Questions:
Emergency Refrigeration FAQs

Our emergency refrigeration services are designed for rapid response. We strive to provide delivery within a few hours of receiving a request, depending on your location and our current availability.

We offer a variety of refrigeration units for emergencies, including refrigerated trailers of various sizes as well as reefer truck rentals to cater to your different needs and space requirements.

Our fleet includes both refrigeration and freezer units. The refrigeration units are ideal for keeping products cold, while our freezer units can maintain temperatures low enough to freeze products.

We offer flexible rental periods to meet your emergency needs, ranging from a few days to several months. Extended rental arrangements can be made depending on your requirements and unit availability.

Pricing is based on the type and size of the unit, rental duration, and delivery distance. We offer competitive rates and can provide a detailed quote based on your specific requirements.Please contact us for a Quote. 

To request our emergency refrigeration services, you can call us or fill out a request form on our website. Our team will then contact you promptly to discuss your needs and arrange for the delivery and setup of the unit.

Our refrigeration units are versatile and can store a wide range of products, including food, pharmaceuticals, and flowers. However, we do not allow the storage of hazardous materials or illegal substances. For specific product queries, please consult with our team.

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