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Tips for Mobile Freezer Organization

Mobile refrigeration is widely used by many in the food service industry. Restaurants, caterers, suppliers, and similar employers rely on mobile freezer rentals to keep their wares preserved and fresh until they can be delivered and served.

However, the space they afford means that mobile freezer organization is a tricky process. As such, the team at Curt’s Coolers would like to provide a few tips to help organize mobile freezers.

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Keep An Inventory

Knowing exactly what is in the freezer at all times is crucial. It prevents wasted visits and frantic, pointless searching that can introduce even more disarray. Taking and updating an inventory makes for a great technique in mobile freezer organization. It is very helpful to include a count of the items. This lets you know what you are running low on and what you carry in excess.

Use Containers and Proper Shelving

With containers and shelves, you can maximize the use of the available space in your mobile freezers. This allows you to arrange and organize your food items in an orderly fashion that will allow you to navigate the space easily when you need to. The shelves need particular attention to ensure suitability for storing food.

Use Labels

Having labels on your food items in the mobile freezers aids in your ability to organize the freezer. Some food items can sometimes be mistaken for other food items and that is a mistake no one wants to make. So knowing what each food item is without having to inspect it first is great for mobile freezer organization. This also improves the speed and efficiency of your operation.

Arrange Items Accessibly

An important step in mobile freezer organization is to determine the items you reach for most and place them in areas that are quicker to access. This prevents you from moving deep into your freezer multiple times or having to reorganize the freezer contents frequently. It also helps to organize your items by expiration date as well. This will help you access and use those items before they expire or experience freezer burn.

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Arrange Items Sustainably

It is also important to consider other factors during mobile freezer organization to promote health and sanitation. The need to clean up your items without causing any disarray should be part of your organizational strategy as should the flow of air in the mobile freezer and the position of some food items. For instance, it’s best to put meat on lower shelves to minimize the impact of any leaks and improve the convenience of cleaning up those leaks.

Curt’s Coolers – Mobile Refrigeration/ Freezer Trailer Experts

The ability to nail mobile freezer organization properly gives a competitive advantage in terms of efficiency and speed. Getting this crucial element right will allow you to make efficient use of all the space the mobile freezer affords you. So if you are searching for a freezer trailer rental, contact us for the best mobile freezers on the market. Curt’s Coolers provides a variety of refrigeration units that can satisfy all needs. With our extensive and cutting-edge fleet, we are proud of our ability to provide you with the unit you need, even in an emergency.