Refrigerated Trailer Service

How to Choose the Right Refrigerated Trailer Service

A refrigerated trailer service allows you to store and transport food items and chemical compounds in temperature-controlled units. These units keep your food items preserved and your chemicals safe from external influence until you need to access them.

There are several factors you should consider before choosing a freezer trailer rental. As such the team from Curt’s Coolers would like you to know how to analyze the available mobile refrigeration services available and pick the right one.

Adaptable Temperature Control

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The most important part of a refrigerated trailer service is its ability to maintain an optimal temperature for the preservation of your property. The trailers must maintain a consistent temperature, even when they are in motion, transporting food and dangerous chemicals from one location to another.

Hence, you need to make sure that the refrigerated trailer rental that you pick is capable of achieving and maintaining the specific temperature range for your items. This will allow you to access your food or chemicals safely when you need them.

Compliance With Health and Safety Measures

Several governing regulations mandate the various measures that your freezer trailer rental has to abide by. Ignoring those directives can make you and your company liable to the tune of significant penalties like fines and maybe jail time.

In Canada, mobile refrigeration services are monitored by the TDG (Transportation of Dangerous Goods), MVSA (Motor Vehicle Safety Act), CSA (Canadian Standards Association), Standards Council of Canada, etc. These regulations and regulatory bodies ensure that dangerous materials and food items are properly protected as long as they are in the mobile freezer.

You should ensure that your refrigerated trailer service fully complies with all the safety regulations concerning it. Without these regulations, to guide drivers and owners, the rented unit can fail and ruin your stored items.

Top Of The Line Equipment.

Another crucial factor in choosing mobile refrigeration services is the technology available. The best refrigeration trailer services will have mobile freezers that are well-maintained and regularly serviced. They are also abreast with the latest technological trends in their industry and adapt the best ones to stay effective and competitive.

You should consider this when choosing a freezer trailer rental. The option for remotely monitoring the temperature and condition of your products in real-time can prove invaluable when emergencies arise.


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Financial considerations aren’t the best-determining factors in choosing refrigeration trailer services. The cheapest options available could provide subpar services across the board but that doesn’t mean that the more expensive models aren’t overhyped and overpriced.

It is best to make a comparative cost analysis when choosing the best refrigeration trailer services for your needs. Finding the best service in your price range is key to maintaining your financial stability and getting the freezer trailer you need.

Curt’s Coolers – Mobile Refrigeration Trailer Services

When choosing a refrigeration trailer service, you need to consider various factors before you make a decision. Making an informed decision allows you to choose the freezer trailer that meets your needs and your budget.

Please contact us if you need any refrigeration trailer services. Curt’s Coolers has a full line of freezer trailer rentals designed to meet all your needs. Our extensive fleet is equipped with the latest technology to ensure that your products stay safe and secure until you need them.