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Do You Have an Emergency Refrigeration Plan?

Keeping food fresh and preserved is a crucial step in maintaining its healthy and hygienic properties. However, if your refrigerator breaks down, your ability to keep your food safe is compromised. A refrigeration emergency can be especially dire for those in the food service industry. To ensure that you can protect your food from contamination and spoiling, you need an emergency refrigeration plan.

Hence, the team at Curt’s Coolers would like you to know exactly what goes into an emergency refrigeration plan.

Food Classification

Food safety during an emergency is tricky because not all foodstuffs need refrigeration to stay preserved. Some can last for a significant amount of time in-room or in hotter temperatures. However, the other foodstuffs that will go bad without refrigeration can present significant problems. If enough time without cold temperatures passes, the food becomes bad and must be disposed of. The food items that won’t last long with refrigeration should be identified and handled carefully in an emergency.

This is especially relevant for professionals like chefs and caterers. In an emergency where refrigeration is unavailable, those foodstuffs should be easily accessible for transport. Otherwise, they should be prepared and served before they go bad.

Technical Services

emergency refrigeration technician

When the refrigeration units break down, identifying the cause of the issue and rectifying it should be a priority. The best way to facilitate this process is to engage a professional’s services.

The machinery and wiring of refrigeration units are intricate and delicate. An experienced hand is needed to navigate the unit’s details and avoid exacerbating the problem. Also, exposure to the coolant used to keep the interior cool can lead to serious health risks. A technician is the best way to resolve the refrigeration emergency.

Caterers and other professionals in the food service industry should have a dedicated technician on hand for emergencies. This will allow for regular examination and maintenance of the equipment which can prevent emergencies from occurring. Otherwise, knowing where one can be found on short notice is the next best option.

Temporary Storage

emergency refrigeration mobile storage

When a refrigeration emergency occurs, the time needed to properly and fully resolve it can range from minimal to lengthy. Finding storage that can provide emergency refrigeration can serve as a short-term solution until the situation is resolved. 

Mobile refrigeration units like freezer trailers are especially useful in these times. Those in the food service industry can make temporary use of these appliances to preserve their wares until they are needed.

Curt’s Coolers – Mobile Refrigeration & Freezer Experts

An emergency refrigeration plan can provide relief in times of extreme pressure and stress. With one in place, food can be adequately protected without waste and the emergency will have minimal impact on normal operations.

If you need any mobile refrigeration, please contact us. Curt’s Coolers provides a wide range of freezer trailers suitable for weddings, cold storage, fresh storage, catered events, etc. Since our inception in 2011, we have proudly served Southwestern Ontario and its surrounding areas with affordable and reliable refrigeration units. We provide 24-hour emergency support and quality customer service so you can rest easy knowing that your refrigeration needs are handled professionally.