Our Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the electrical requirements for a Curt’s Cooler  trailer?  

A. With the exception of our larger trailers our standard size trailers run on regular 110V 20amp service. 


Q. Will my Trailer be ESA Approved?
A. Yes, for safety reasons all our trailers are ESA approved and ready to run upon delivery free of hassle.
Q. Can my trailer run on a generator if I don’t have enough or the proper power requirements?
A. Yes these trailers can be run on a generator, Curt’s Coolers can even supply you with the proper generator at a very reasonable rate.
Q. What if I have a problem with my Curt’s Coolers Trailer?
A. We keep our fleet serviced and well maintained, with any issues being corrected immediately.  In the rare case you have a problem, we can be contacted at (519)301-5716.  We will eliminate your issue as fast as possible and get you back up and running.
Q. Can we pick up our Curt’s Coolers trailer instead of having it delivered?
A. No, for insurance reasons we only allow our delivery techs to move and relocate our trailers. Upon delivery they will set up your trailer and get you plugged in to ensure your unit operates smoothly before leaving your site.
Q. Will my trailer be safe overnight unaccompanied?
A. All our trailers are lockable, however our customer is responsible to supply their own lock.  This helps ensure you are the only one with access to your unit.
Q. If I choose to book do I require a deposit?
A. Yes, we require a deposit to secure your spot.
Q. Which payment methods are accepted?
A. Currently we are accepting cash, cheque and e transfer.  However we are working on a visa machine to help with efficiency.
Q. What if we damage the Curt’s Coolers trailer when it’s in our possession?
A. You are responsible for any damage to the trailer while it is on-site and during the contracted term. 
Q. Do the trailers come with shelving?
A. Yes we provide shelving in all our trailers, however we can also easily remove them upon request.
Q. How far away from a power source can I place my trailer?
A. We do not recommend placing the trailer more than 100 ft from your designated power source.  All our trailers come equipped with a 50ft 10 gauge cord.  We can add an additional 50ft length at customers request.