Top 10 Events That Benefit from Freezer Trailer Rentals

Ice cream selection at a catered event.

Ever wondered how to keep your outdoor events cool, crisp, and unforgettable? The answer lies in one powerful but underestimated and oft-overlooked appliance, a mobile freezer. No matter what you’re planning, a mobile freezer unit is the secret ingredient to elevate your event. In this blog, the team at Curt’s Coolers will explore 10 events […]

How A Refrigerated Trailer Rental Can Grow Your Food Truck Business

People enjoying food outside of a food truck

Running a food truck is an exciting journey, always evolving with new challenges and opportunities. A game-changing strategy that you might not have tapped into yet is incorporating a refrigerated trailer into your operation. In this blog, we’ll dive into how Curts Coolers’ refrigerated trailers can revolutionize your food truck, making it more dynamic, profitable, […]

Businesses that Could Benefit from Emergency Refrigeration During a Power Outage

Empty Refrigerated Truck - Emergency refrigeration

Businesses and organizations of all types need emergency refrigeration facilities in today’s linked world to keep their operations running properly. If the right preparations aren’t taken, the effects of an unplanned power outage might be severe. Daily routines might be disturbed, perishable commodities can rot, and medical supplies can deteriorate. At this point, the necessity […]

How Refrigerated Trailers Can Help Farmer Market Stalls Stand Out from the Competition

Refrigerator Trailers With Reefer Units

Refrigerated trailers are crucial elements that may make all the difference in the busy world of farmers’ markets, where sellers compete for the attention of discriminating buyers. Farmers have included these mobile cooling wonders in their quest to deliver the best produce possible, changing how farmers’ market stalls are run. Imagine a farmers’ market stall […]

Benefits of Refrigeration Rentals for Festivals

People enjoying outdoor music festival

The way food sellers satisfy the appetites of festival attendees is being revolutionized by refrigerated trailer rentals for festivals. The usage of refrigerated trailers has changed the game when it comes to maintaining food safety, extending menu selections, and simplifying operations due to the growing popularity of outdoor events and the desire for fresh, diversified […]

What To Expect When You Rent A Reefer Rental

Reefer Rentals

Maintaining exact temperature control during travel is crucial when carrying perishable goods. Reefer rentals come into play in this situation. Reefer rentals, often known as refrigerated trailers or containers, provide a practical and adaptable answer for organizations and people in need of dependable temperature-controlled transportation. Understanding the ins and outs of reefer rentals is essential […]

How Restaurants & Caterers can Benefit from Refrigerated Trailer Rentals

2 x Curt's Coolers Trailer Rentals

In the busy and demanding world that is the food service industry, refrigerated trailer rentals have shown that they can be valuable additions in various capacities. Restaurateurs and caterers all over have used these refrigerated trailers to enhance and improve their ability to deliver for customers. Hence the team at Curt’s Coolers would like you […]

How to Choose the Right Refrigerated Trailer Service

Refrigerated Trailer Service

A refrigerated trailer service allows you to store and transport food items and chemical compounds in temperature-controlled units. These units keep your food items preserved and your chemicals safe from external influence until you need to access them. There are several factors you should consider before choosing a freezer trailer rental. As such the team […]

Do You Have an Emergency Refrigeration Plan?

emergency refrigeration

Keeping food fresh and preserved is a crucial step in maintaining its healthy and hygienic properties. However, if your refrigerator breaks down, your ability to keep your food safe is compromised. A refrigeration emergency can be especially dire for those in the food service industry. To ensure that you can protect your food from contamination […]

Tips for Mobile Freezer Organization

man stores food in mobile freezer

Mobile refrigeration is widely used by many in the food service industry. Restaurants, caterers, suppliers, and similar employers rely on mobile freezer rentals to keep their wares preserved and fresh until they can be delivered and served. However, the space they afford means that mobile freezer organization is a tricky process. As such, the team […]