How Restaurants & Caterers can Benefit from Refrigerated Trailer Rentals

In the busy and demanding world that is the food service industry, refrigerated trailer rentals have shown that they can be valuable additions in various capacities. Restaurateurs and caterers all over have used these refrigerated trailers to enhance and improve their ability to deliver for customers. Hence the team at Curt’s Coolers would like you […]

How to Choose the Right Refrigerated Trailer Service

Refrigerated Trailer Service

A refrigerated trailer service allows you to store and transport food items and chemical compounds in temperature-controlled units. These units keep your food items preserved and your chemicals safe from external influence until you need to access them. There are several factors you should consider before choosing a freezer trailer rental. As such the team […]

Do You Have an Emergency Refrigeration Plan?

emergency refrigeration

Keeping food fresh and preserved is a crucial step in maintaining its healthy and hygienic properties. However, if your refrigerator breaks down, your ability to keep your food safe is compromised. A refrigeration emergency can be especially dire for those in the food service industry. To ensure that you can protect your food from contamination […]

Tips for Mobile Freezer Organization

man stores food in mobile freezer

Mobile refrigeration is widely used by many in the food service industry. Restaurants, caterers, suppliers, and similar employers rely on mobile freezer rentals to keep their wares preserved and fresh until they can be delivered and served. However, the space they afford means that mobile freezer organization is a tricky process. As such, the team […]

How Cold Should Your Fridge Trailer Be?

table with frozen foods

If you’re thinking about renting a fridge trailer, or if you already have, you might have realized that fridge trailers aren’t like kitchen fridges and require more attention than simply plugging them in. We’ll be providing you with a quick explanation of the importance of fridge trailer temperature and then reveal the correct temperatures for […]